Project Manager
Yachting and Cruising Services

Being an expert myself in the field of Motor and Sailing Yachts, it’s my honor to join this family, as we do share the same views, to help Yacht owners to enjoy a trouble free experience.

Each new project is a fresh challenge for us with one vision. Making ocean travel safer, smarter and greener.

Either in small crafts or in VLCC Vessels our aim is to support in full all people around us in the shipping industry. Prime Navigation Shipping and Services is excited to expand their services to the world of Motor and Sailing Yachts. Being an expert myself in this field, it’s my honor to join this family as we do share the same views.

To help Yacht owners to realize their dreams and enjoy a trouble free yachting experience through a comprehensive range of services. We are all in this company pleased to serve our clients in a world where creativity and leisure play the lead roles. We do invite you to contact us and discuss in details your own needs.