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By appointing a Weather Routing bureau in time and before a voyage starts, you will have the opportunity to check your vessel’s performance speed in advance, along with the actual weather conditions almost on a daily basis.

Our team is proud to present the operators and masters on board with PrimeWatch, the best tool for receiving in advance alerts for any presented hazard/peril.

Upon request, our office will contact the master of the vessel in question and provide all the necessary documents according to the vessel’s needs. Our team utilises a variety of programs and is ready to fully accept and undertake any fleet for monitoring purposes.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services created state of the art platform, the PrimeWatch, the best tool for alerting both, the operators and the masters on board during a voyage.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services Weather Team in close cooperation with the masters on board ensure the vessels’ safety, crew and cargo and provide daily weather forecast analyses illustrated in navigational charts as well as any further route recommendations when needed.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services uses in their analyses all available sources derived from global and widely respected independent meteorological organizations which are considered to most reliable nowadays amongst others, such as:
1.- GEFS (Global Ensemble Forecast System).
2.- The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
3.- The U.S. Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (U.S. Navy).
4.- ICON global numerical weather prediction model which is provided by the German National Meteorological Service (DWD).
5.- Ocean Current: HYCOM

The primary concern of both, Weather and Technical Teams, is to assist any vessel dealing with difficult conditions such as the avoidance of deep low barometric systems or the generation of tropical disturbance prone to be developed in to a cyclone/ hurricane.

Nowadays, where the needs of carrying goods are more than strict in the shipping industry, Prime Navigation Shipping and Services offers a wide range of services in order to ensure the Clients’ business requirements.

The Route Optimization is the present and the future in the shipping industry. By involving the proper knowledge of our well-trained staff in both, Weather and Technical Teams, always in connection with the right algorithm (computer science – Artificial intelligence) the best optimum result on a voyage is gathered.

Masters on board are feeling safe regarding the weather conditions anticipated on a voyage from one port to the next one, by keeping them alert on a daily basis with the most accurate data, derived from the most respected independent meteorological organizations worldwide. Proper updates are issued and sent more than one time per day. Masters on board feeling indeed free concerning the anxiety of crew’s safety, ship and cargo, the optimum route etc.

For a shipping company’s internal use, calculation before vessel’s SOSP, enabling weather and current factors for different routes, ETAs’, cost efficiency of the related route as well as sum of Emissions, bunkers consumption and hire, are some of the tools that are available. Every single day after vessel’s SOSP, the calculations are automatically renewed basis on the latest available weather data received from satellites and the latest needs from the Client, if needed.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services offers an API access (see below) where the shipping companies may log in and keep an eve on the entire fleet on a daily basis.

CO2 Emission Monitoring Service in Real Time Analysis

It is widely known that after the end of the monitoring period, since beginning of 2023, every ship of 5000 GT or above is requested to prepare a fuel oil data report using a standardized data reporting format as provided by IMO (Carbon Intensity Indicator- CIl).

The fuel oil data report requires the following elements:
-Method used to measure fuel oil consumption
-Fuel consumption for each type of fuel
-Hours underway and distance travelled
-Power output (auxiliary engine(s) and main propulsion power)
-Other information such as ice class (if applicable), EEDI, DWT, NT, GT, ship type, IMO number, start and end dates
-The fuel oil data report shall be submitted to the Flag Administration, or any organization duly authorized by it for verification.

In connection with the above, it is now imperative for all vessels – as described above to provide an environmental performance through the DCP. DCP is a plan that describes the ship’s particulars as well the procedures, systems and responsibilities used to monitor fuel consumption, hours underway and distance travelled. The DCP must be created within the Part I of the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) and be available on-board the vessel.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services is now in a position to assist both, operators and masters on board in achieving for their vessels the best greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services through the monitoring procedure, the route optimization, the state-of-the-art PrimeWatch platform, assist all parties involved, Ship management and Ship Owners to these new requirements as needed so as to get Real Time measurement of CO2 Emissions (volume per steaming day and/or period).

At the end of every single voyage, an Emission Analysis is prepared, issued and given to the operators so as to follow further proper steps, as required by IMO.

Looking at the new shipping demands and with a view to meeting the increased requirements for weather information, Prime Navigation Shipping and Services announce the creation of internal and external state-of-the-art systems, centrally managed application programming interfaces (APIs) so as to cover the clients’ swift increased daily needs.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services as the leading monitoring bureau defined new ways for a faster service deliver to their customers. Our people will be able to get amongst others – the path waypoints, datetimes, details, intended/recommended route(s) till reaching destination from one port to the other with all related data on factors such as winds/waves and ocean currents, data as derived from all widely respected meteorological independent organizations.

Prime Navigation Shipping and Services is your Speed Claim Expert. With more than 15 years of experience in speed claims and in full compliance with all Arbitration Awards and decisions held in High Courts, the Legal Department offer full support to any presented speed claim and performance evaluation report provided.

The above in close cooperation with old ship masters in Prime Navigation Shipping and Services’ Technical Department resulting to a fair assessment for all parties involved.

Our yardstick is the vessels’ description, the master’s reported data, the weather and performance clause accepted in the charter party and/or the fixture recap. Taking all the above into careful consideration, our computerized systems will issue unbiased and flawless performance evaluation reports.

In cases of unresolved disputes, the charterers and owners through a mutual agreement – are entitled to appoint a 3rd independent bureau which will provide a final outcome for both parties involved.

However, at Prime Navigation we strongly believe that this should be the last resort. Our team can undertake any dispute, utilise all available means to check the results and verify whether the above requirements are met. After analyzing the presented speed claim in damages and the performance evaluation report provided, our bureau proceeds to an in-depth analysis in order to assist the shipping operators and strengthen their position against any presented dispute. We would like to point out that any Post Voyage analysis report must be treated as the last resort even if the same is clearly given to the charter party and/or the fixture recap. However, in case an amicable solution is not reached, our team will be prepared to present an analysis and provide support until the case is referred to arbitration, without further involvement of the operator in charge.

The project of bunkering is extremely unique. Anyone who wishes to receive bunkers should be allowed to work freely under clarity without stress and within time. In Prime Navigation, we invest in innovating, high-quality solutions to the bunkering of vessels in accordance the selected route plan while offering the most competitive prices worldwide.

Bunkers to be received either
-before leaving a port
-on arrival to the next port of call
-or on reaching any intermediate port

In cooperation with the major partners in the yachting industry, we offer the best services for yachts and cruising craft vessels at highly competitive prices. Also, by referring to our providers for advice you can have your yacht insurance contracts checked and discover innovative new services that will make life on board more convenient.

Our services include:
-New marine electronics
-Cleaning and maintenance supplies
-Deck and interior fittings
-Marine inboard and outboard engines
-Electric drives
-Functional clothing and marina facilities
-Boating literature and charts
-Loads of other useful accessories and supplies
-Special offers and discounts on our members

Take your time to compare and simply enjoy. It’s our pleasure to help you with any further information.